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Faster Enterprise Deployment of the PI System

Heather Quale, President, Mera
Bob McIntyre, Sr. Process Control Eng., Nutrien

Leveraging PI AF to Enable IT and OT Teams to Support Business Opportunities

It is no exaggeration to say that data will be the most valuable resource for most companies in the future. Continuing to operate separately not only slows the adoption of solutions based on technologies that fall outside of operations’ comfort zone, but also exposes companies to fault or security risks that could significantly impact production.

Find out from our partner Mera Group, and Nutrien, how Data Governance between IT and OT provides a platform to begin developing cross functional teams that combine IT, OT and User Community Subject Matter Experts to better define the optimal solutions to address more complex operational opportunities.


Heather has spent the majority of her professional life leveraging data and technology as a competitive advantage.  She started her career in upstream oil and gas and was fortunate to gain experience in many areas including exploration, development, automation, asset rationalization, information technology and corporate planning.  20 years ago, she started Mera, a technology company to assist clients to use their operational data to make timely, informed decisions. Her hands on experience from the field to the boardroom has allowed her to demonstrate to decision makers the value they receive by uniting both their IT and OT teams to use their data more effectively.  
Bob is the quintessential “PI Guy”, installing and supporting PI Systems since 1989.  Bob has been with Nutrien for over 11 years and has been instrumental in Nutrien’s adoption of the PI System.  In addition to the PI System, Bob is also responsible for control systems (Delta V and Rockwell), instrumentation, control networks and all other aspects of OT.  Bob has worked extensively as a liaison between IT and OT, helping Nutrien to leverage their operational data more effectively.  Prior to joining Nutrien, Bob worked in the Pulp and Paper industry in various roles as process engineer, reliability engineer and production supervisor.  In all of these roles Bob leveraged the PI System.


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