PI Vision: Web Visualization
for Situational Awareness


Alicia Coppock
Product Manager, OSIsoft
Evolving to a Single Visualization Platform

Today, our customers need to consume PI System data, visualize it and make decisions where needed at any time.  OSIsoft is evolving with your needs and challenges, creating a unified visualization infrastructure that allows you – our customer – to see your operational data – real-time across past, present, and future -  in control centers or in the field, across desktop and mobile.   

In this webinar Alicia will walk you through:

  • Why the new name – PI Vision – represents the next level in providing visualization of
    PI System data to our customers so you can make informed and insightful decisions when and where you need to

  • How OSIsoft is supporting our customer's visualization needs and using your feedback over the years to craft the strategic direction for the unified visualization infrastructure with detail on what you can expect to see in PI Vision

  • Where you can take advantage of PI Vision 2017 today to enhance your current PI System data visualization capabilities and improve situational awareness




As the Product Manager for Visualization Products, Alicia works to deliver valuable visualization solutions in the PI System and drive OSIsoft’s vision for a unified visualization infrastructure. She brings over 5 years of experience working with our customers and the PI System. Alicia has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.