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Thomas Christiansen, Senior Vice President, SPS
Dominic John, VP of Marketing, OSIsoft

Today’s industry is a connected world of suppliers, regulators, service providers and vendors. Our opportunity is to go beyond the enterprise and connect operations, data and people across industrial value chains for new insights, new efficiencies, and even new digital businesses. 

In this webinar, you will:
  • Learn about OSIsoft's Vision
  • Share data with your community
  • Hear how Strategic Power Systems, Inc.® (SPS) is using the cloud to deliver operational improvements based on insights from multiple organizations
Hear how SPS collects data from multiple power generation companies then analyzes this data for industry-wide performance benchmarking and new levels of efficiencies.

Register now and learn how to go beyond the enterprise with cloud technology and analytics that provide new operational insights.



Thomas Christiansen
Thomas M. Christiansen is Senior Vice President at Strategic Power Systems, Inc.® (SPS). He has 30 years of experience and expertise in the capture, validation, analysis, and visualization of manufacturing and field information in the Energy market. Mr. Christiansen has been working with “Big Data” and “Analytics” in “The Cloud” for over 20 years, before he even knew those terms applied to his work. He is a primary architect of the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP®) and is heavily involved in its application within the Energy sector. He has written numerous industry related articles highlighting Equipment Reliability Performance, the Importance of Data in the Market, and Critical Parts Life Tracking within the Energy Industry. He also holds two US product patents.

Dominic is the VP of Global Marketing and Technical Communication at OSIsoft. Dominic has been focused on enterprise decision support, analytics and reporting software for over 20 years. From product ideation to market research Dominic’s background brings a diversity of industry background that includes Life science, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution, Utilities, Metals and Mining, and Facilities. At OSIsoft Dominic leads the analyst, product marketing, marketing, learning and technical writing groups representing the PI System software which is today deployed in over 19,000 sites, in 127 countries, to monitor 1.5 billion data streams of industrial sensor-based data. 


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