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Best Practices:
Machine Learning & Data Science
with the PI System

Ales Soudek, Global Solutions Architect, OSIsoft

Analyzing Your Data with the PI System in the World of Machine Learning and Data Science

The industry is all a buzz with the idea of ‘machine learning’ and ‘analytics’ - these are the latest shiny objects everyone is talking about and trying to bring value to their organization with. But, there is also a lot of confusion on what these terms mean, and more importantly, how and where to implement them for success.

Listen to Ales as he addressed the many aspects of machine learning and analytics, including:
  • How best to handle different types of analytics 
  • Where does machine learning and advanced analytics fit 
  • What are best practices for using analytics with the PI System
This webinar aims to demystify these concepts and demonstrate how you can leverage them with PI System data.

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Ales has been with OSIsoft for 23 years and is currently providing strategic consulting to a wide range of customers in the use of the PI System. He has extensive knowledge in creating demos and prototypes of how to use the PI Asset Framework (a data object model) and other PI System tools for applications in refining, gas, chemicals, water utilities, metals and mining, and power generation. He has a BS ChE from Rice University and an MS ChE from The University of California at Berkley. He currently resides outside of Houston, Texas on a small ranch with 164 animals where he is teaching them English and Czech.


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