Digital Technologies push new frontier for the metals industry

What does digital transformation mean for mining and metal companies?

Advances in digital technology and the falling prices thereof are now offering miners and metal producers significant advantages. Especially when it comes to even the oldest production processes and the longest standing production challenges. More affordable and, crucially, smaller sensing equipment allows producers to retrofit older equipment with the new sensing hardware.

In the meantime, more advanced software networks with total connectivity between various systems allow one to leverage existing automation and control systems. This offer new ways of approaching asset lifecycle and maintenance, productivity, and energy optimization.

Read the full whitepaper, written by OSIsoft in co-operation with American metal market, to learn:

  • How metal companies can share analytical data with customers and suppliers and save up to 17% in production costs;
  • The advantages gained from implementing a condition-based maintenance strategy;
  • How digital technologies are responsible for 11-15% in efficiency improvements of metal companies

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Mark Turin